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Advanced Foot & Ankle Center offers exceptional care for all foot-related conditions, from common problems like bunions and hammertoes to complex surgical repair of fractures and deformities.

Dr. Mario Voloshin has trained extensively to receive credentials held by few others in New York state. With dual board certifications in foot surgery and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, and a state license to perform advanced ankle surgery, patients at the offices in Brooklyn, New York, can depend on receiving brilliant care from an extraordinary physician.

Dr. Lester N. Dennis, DPM has been serving the Greenpoint community for over 30 years. Loved by his patients, Dr. Dennis remains a leader in the Podiatric community.

The team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center are equipped with the best technology, such as digital X-rays so they can quickly and accurately diagnose the underlying problem. Their experienced and customized treatment gets you back in action, whether you pursue competitive sports or you simply want to get through the day without foot and ankle pain.

To ensure no one suffers from any type of pain or limited movement, the team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center welcomes everyone, from children to adults, suffering from any type of foot and ankle pain or deformity. The doctors treat all facets of foot & ankle problems in people of all ages, including infants. Whether an ingrown toe nail, heel discomfort, bunion pain, or a complex congenital deformity, from diabetic wound care, charcot foot, severe foot or ankle trauma, debilitating arthritis to professional sport injuries, the team at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center will get you back on the road to a more active and pain free lifestyle!

Some of the most common conditions they see include heel pain or plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon problems, flat feet in adults and children, sprained ankles, and foot and ankle fractures, accounting for only a small sample of foot and ankle problems they treat.

While many procedures are done in the office, if you need in/out -patient surgery, Dr. Voloshin and his associates are affiliated with New York Presbyterian/Queens and New York Presbyterian/ Brooklyn Methodist hospitals.

If you have any questions about problems with your foot and ankle, or you’d like to schedule an appointment, call one of the offices in Brooklyn, New York, or use online booking to schedule an appointment.

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Our Mission

Advanced Foot and Ankle Center providers comprehensive care, including diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation for all types of foot and ankle problems. We provide care to patients of all ages, working together to customize the right treatment plan, whether for bunions, fractures, or complex foot and ankle deformities.

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Dr. Mario Voloshin

Dr. Mario Voloshin serves as a Director of Podiatry for the Department of Orthopedics & Rehabilitation. He is also the Program Director, Podiatric Medicine and Surgery at New York Presbyterian/Queens.

Dr. Voloshin offers exceptional podiatric care of the foot and ankle at Advanced Foot & Ankle Center in Brooklyn, New York. In addition to treating the full scope of foot and ankle conditions, he is most notably regarded for his surgical training and expertise.

After graduating from New York College of Podiatric Medicine, Dr. Voloshin went on to complete one of the few four-year podiatric surgical residencies in the world. He completed this extensive training at New York Presbyterian/Queens, an affiliate of the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. Dr. Voloshin acquired his surgical skills through extensive training with a wide array of podiatric and foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons.

Dr. Voloshin holds two board certifications, one in foot surgery and the second in reconstructive rearfoot and ankle surgery. He’s one of only a few podiatric doctors licensed to perform advanced ankle surgery procedures in New York state.

Dr. Lester N. Dennis, DPM

has been serving the Greenpoint community for over 30 years. Loved by his patients, Dr. Dennis remains a leader in the Podiatric community.

Roscoe Chang, DPM, AACFAS, CWSP

Dr. Roscoe Chang is an Associate of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. He graduated from University of California, San Diego with a double major of B.S. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and B.A in Psychology. Went on to podiatric medical school at Barry University in Miami, Florida, where he had extensive academic and clinical training in podiatric medicine and subsequently complete a rigorous post-graduate surgical and medical training at St. John’s Episcopal Hospital, where he received thorough comprehensive training in surgical and conservative management of the foot, ankle, and leg pathologies. He completed his residency in Podiatric Medicine and Surgery with additional training in Reconstruction of Rearfoot and Ankle Surgery. He is not only licensed in New York for Podiatric Medicine and Surgeries, but he is also a Board Certified Wound Care Specialist Physician. He deeply cares about all his patients and strives to provide a concise explanation of the causes of the foot issue, so that patient’s walk out knowing exactly what happened to their feet and ankle! He can converse with patients in English and Chinese.